Disney Gyro Bowl

Gryo Bowls, the popular children’s bowl, is now available in popular Disney characters. They are kid-proof bowls which can spin and spin but the stuff inside it won’t spill.

There’s current 4 different Disney Gyro Bowls to choose from with Minnie Mouse (along with Daisy), Cars, Toy Story (with Woody and Buzz)  or Princesses (with Belle, Cinderella and Ariel).

The secret behind the Gyro Bowl is that it can rotate 360 degrees, like a globe, so the open side of the bowl will always remain on top. So now you won’t have to worry about your kids spilling food again, saving you cleanup time.

Each Gyro Bowl is made with a safe and BPA-free plastic that is virtually indestructible. Plus each Disney Gyro Bowl includes a matching stay-fresh lid which lets you put your child’s unfinished food in the fridge.

Gyro Bowls can be cleaned in the top rack of dishwashers. They are not microwave safe.

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