Diamond Z4

The Diamond Z4 is a beautiful ring from the Sterling Collection which captures the brilliance of flawless diamonds. It a true masterpiece with a stunning princess cut stone that is hand set on a finished sterling silver plate.

Even many trained jewelers have trouble distinguishing the Diamond-z4 from mined diamonds because of their similarity. Other comparable pieces with authentic diamonds can sell up to $30,000 but the Diamond Z-4 is being offered at an unprecedented price of only $20.

Each rings features a flawless 2 and 3/4 karat center CZ4 stone that is surrounded by over 1 and 1/4  karats of round and tapered clear Diamond-Z4 baguettes. The style, luster, color and cut of the ring is unsurpassed.

Available in ring size 5 to 11

Get a matching 1.9 total carat Diamond Z4 Band (just pay additional $6.99)

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