Cuddle Uppets

The Cuddle Uppets is what you get when you cross a cuddly blanket with a cute puppet. Kids can play with them all day long and sleep the night away with them.

Cuddle Uppets combine two of children’s most favorite things into one. Children can have get a both a cute toy puppet to play with and quickly turn it into a comfy blanket that keeps them warm when going to bed.

Each one is cuddly, huggable and wrap around you with love. It’s a blanket, it’s a puppet, it’s a Cuddle Uppet. Make them talk, dance, or wiggle around as a puppet. As a blanket it measures 39″ x 28″.

There’s 6 different adorable Cuddle Uppets to choose from with:

  • Pink Poodle
  • Purple Monkey
  • Yellow Puppy
  • Green Crocodile
  • Blue Elephant
  • Brown Bear

10 thoughts on “Cuddle Uppets

  1. I’m 34 and I want one! Do you have them in adult sizes? Would be a good novelty item for adults. I would only have one of a cat though.

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