Crusade World War II

Crusade World War II: Point Of No Return contains the most extraordinary WWII footage caught on film. The 20 full episodes reveals the epic struggle for victory and the crucial turning points both the Europe and Pacific theaters of war.

Crusade in Europe

Action-packed and breathtaking in scope. Emmy Award winning. Peabody Award winning. Crusade in Europe vividly portrays every major aspect of the conflict in Europe. With the best-selling memoirs of General Dwight D. Eisenhower’s as the backdrop, the series depicts the struggle for power on the continent, the men who waged it and the strategies they employed to win it.

Crusade in the Pacific

Crusade in the Pacific is one of the finest documentaries ever assembled. This remarkable 26-part series brings to life the land and sea battles of World War II, from the bombing of Pearl Harbor to Guadalcanal and Iwo Jima. We see the rise of the Japanese Empire and its attempts to dominate the world, and America’s shift from nation at peace to one completely geared to winning a war.

4 DVD set with 10 episodes each from Crusade in Europe & Crusade in the Pacific.  Plus free bonus DVD of Captured Enemy Film.

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