Contour Abs

Don’t have time and energy to do hundreds of sit ups and crunches each day? Will you don’t have to in order to get great abs with the Contour Core Sculpting System. There’s over 900,000 systems sold already.

This amazing ab belt gives you  a great core workout and you never have to get down on the floor and exercise. You can get sexy abs in just minutes a day and there’s no crunches, no straining, and no sweating involved.

It has been FDA cleared for the use of strengthening, tightening, firming and recovering healthy muscles. Contour uses the same technology as athletes and trainers use for muscle training and recovery.

The Contour Core Sculpting System is able to go through any stubborn belly fat and target the hard to reach ab muscles. It provides a 150 perfect contractions per session that works up the upper, middle and lower abs all at same time.

Includes: Contour CoreBelt, M2 Electronic Muscle Stimulator, 4 Contour Gel Pads Electrodes, 4 AAA Batteries, Quick Start Guide, Instructional DVD, Use and Care Manual, Diet and Exercise Guide, andTotal Body Gel Pad Electrode Placement Guide

30-day trial offer followed by 4 payments of $49.95

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