Comfy Control Harness

The Comfy Control Harness is an ultra-comfy mesh harness that gives you control of you dog and allows them to be comfortable at the same time.

You can keep your pet stylish and comfy when going on walks and not worry about choking them like with collars.  Dog collars can often be painful on your pet and sometimes can even cause seriously injury to their neck in certain cases.

But the Comfy Control Harness wraps around the chest and body of your pet and moves all the strain away from the neck area. It a conforming mesh vest that you can easily  slip right in just seconds. Each Comfy Control Harness also comes with a five foot matching leash for free.

The special design of the Comfy Control Harness provides maximum comfort for your dog and you can safely walk them every time. The open weave lets air flow through so your pet can stay cool.

Available in 4 sizes: Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large

Buy 1 Get 1 Free Offer + free Crazy Critters toy (just pay additional processing fee)

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