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Saint-Gaudens $50 Double Eagle

Own a piece of our nation’s proud history with the Saint-Gaudens $50 Double Eagle Proof. This replica is layered with 24kt gold and recaptures the magnificence of the coin.

The Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle is one of the most popular gold coinage in American history being  the last type of gold coins minted by the United States. They are also rare and sought after by collectors from all around the world.

The obverse of the Double Eagle features a striding Lady Liberty. The design was first created by Augustus Saint-Gaudens and is how the historic coin got its name.

The reverse of the coin features an image of an American Bald Eagle who is poised in flight and protecting its nest below.

Includes: Durable Acrylic Capsule for protection and display

Trillion Dollar Coin

The Trillion Dollar Coin is one of the most controversial legal tender related issues in United States coinage history. It has been talked about in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times and many other financial news outlets.

Now you can own a tribute replica of the Trillion Dollar Coin with the Trillion Dollar Tribute Proof. The front of the coin features the Statue of Liberty and a majestic American Eagle is on the reverse.

This private tribute from the New England Mint bears the incredible designation of 1 trillion dollars. That’s a million million dollars! It is minted in a large 39 millimeters in diameter.

With this replica you can own want many economic experts claim to be “The perfect solution to America’s debt crisis”.  Plus you can actually put a trillion dollar proof right into your pocket.

Each Trillion Dollar Tribute Proof includes a Certificate of Authenticity attesting to it’s uniqueness.

Morgan Silver Dollars

The National Collector’s Mint is announcing a special release of genuine US Morgan Silver Dollars that are between 91 to 134 years old and guaranteed to be in Brilliant Uncirculated to Fine condition.

Morgan Silver Dollars are among one of the most popular, desirable and sought after silver coins. Each piece contains .77344 ozs. of .900 pure fine silver.

The Morgan Silver Dollars have not been minted for over 90 years and are no longer in circulation now. Plus over 270 million of them were melted and destroyed by the government for military use in World War I.

With a Morgan Silver Dollar you’ll be owning a piece of American history as well as an investment in silver. With increasing prices of silver, every Morgan Silver Dollar will become even more valuable.

Includes: Certificate Of Authenticity

2013 Buffalo Tribute Proof

The 2013 Buffalo Tribute Proof  commemorates the $50 Gold Buffalo Coin, the purest gold coin ever minted in America. It was the very first coin that was struck using using .9999 pure 24 kt gold.

The design was based on the famous Buffalo nickel that was minted between 1913 to 1938. The $50 Buffalo Gold Coin Tribute Proof is a replica created by the National Collector’s Mint’s that is clad in 14 mg of pure gold.

This private, non-monetary minting recreates James Earle Fraser’s famous American Buffalo design and the iconic Native American Indian Head.

Each piece includes an individually numbered Certificate of Authenticity to verify that each proof is clad in 14 mgs. of pure 24 kt gold.

Limit of 5 proofs per order