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Hang A Bunch

Hang A Bunch is an amazing 6-in-1 hanger that will help you reclaim and dramatically increase your closet space. You can quickly transform your closet from cluttered and stuffed to organized.

The ingenious design combines 6 hangers into 1 allowing you hang multiple items on just a single hanger. So now you can hang up to 6 times more clothing in your closet.

The Hang A Bunch hangers features stay-put hooks which form an “Easy Find” configuration so you can quickly see the piece of clothing you need.

These hooks locks all your items securely in place. Each hanger can holds up to 12 lbs without bending or breaking.

Double Offer: Buy 5 Hangers and get an additional 5 Hangers

Free Bonus: 2 Scarf Hangers & 2 Dryer Balls (just pay additional p&h)


The amazing new DuraWallet is the paper thin wallet that can hold all your cash and cards without the bulk. It is extremely slim and lightweight but also incredibly strong and durable.

There’s a total of 4 compartments, The two inside pockets that can hold 20 bills or more and two additional side pockets  can expand to hold 16 or more cards.

DuraWallet is made with a special space age woven fiber material called Tyvek. Tyvek is water resistant, stain resistant, won’t tear, and can expand to hold all your belongings. Plus it is also eco-friendly since it contains 25% recycled materials.

With the DuraWallet you won’ t have to worry about bulky wallets that can barely fight in your back pocket and stick out. It is up to 4 times slimmer than ordinary wallets while holding the same amount of cash and cards.

Buy 1 Get 1 Free Offer (just pay additional p&h)

Includes: Black DuraWallet & Brown DuraWallet

HD Vision Foldaways

HD Vision glasses have sold well over a total of 12 million pairs. Now there’s a brand new and better improved design with the HD Vision Foldaways Sunglasses.

It features new and improved lenses for further enhanced clarity. The lenses gives you high definition color, clarity, and contrast so you can see everything more clearly.

Unlike other sunglasses which make things darker and harder to see, HD Vision Foldaways will block away glare and enhance clarity at the same time. The glasses are perfect for driving on a sunny day, at the beach, golfing, or anywhere else you need sunglasses.

Another great new features is that the HD Vision Sunglasses are now foldable.  When not in use you can easily fold it up and fit them inside a shirt pocket or a tiny purse.

Buy 1 Get 1 Free Offer (just pay additional p&h)

Hot Buns

Hot Buns is the hair accessory that lets you easily create fabulous looking buns. Anyone can use it to create a variety of glamorous bun styles.

You just roll, snap, wrap and your done. Hot Buns is fast and easy and works great for all ages. It’s perfect whether it is for a casual look or with elegant wear.

Hot Buns will transform your hair bun style from boring to bold, embarrassing to elegant, and flat to fabulous. It’s the perfect “do” that anyone can do.

Plus Hot Buns isn’t just for buns either. You can also use it to get beautiful, bouncy curls.

Not only does Hot Buns make your hair look great but they are comfortable to wear as well. In fact they are so comfortable you can sleep in it.

Available in Light & Dark colors

Includes: Set of Hot Buns with 3 sizes (Small, Medium and Large) & Style Guide

Buy 1 Set Get 1 Set Free (just pay additional p&h)


PoniLox is a pivoting hair comb that lets you creates a variety of different updo styles and holds them perfectly in place. You’ll never have a bad hair day again.

It’s the easy solution that will you a perfect style for any occasion. PoniLox quickly inserts into your hair to lift it up and give the appearance of more volume. You’ll have the flexibility to updo your hair whether is for the dinner table, the gym, the boardroom, and more.

The is great for both high or low ponytails and works on both thick or thin hair. Kids, teens, moms, and grandmas can all use for stylish look. You can saves money and not have to pay for expensive updos.

Includes PoniLox Black Quilted with Stones & PonixLox Tortoise Filigree

Free bonus matching PoniClips (1 Black Quilted with Stones and 1 Tortoise Filigree) (just pay additional p&h)

Twist N Clip

The Twist N Clip is a hair clip that can hold your hair in place all day long. It is an easy to use solution to keep your hair neatly styled.

Twist N Clip are comfortable and won’t damage hair while it keep your style firmly in place all day and all night. It is one of the first hair clip of its kind designed to hold the thickest, curliest or thinnest hair.

Just collect your hair into ponytail, twist and clip it on like a safety pin. It will work with any kind of hair style.

Available in Black, Bronze, and Blonde

Includes 3 Twist N Clips and Crystal Glass Tattle Tail

Free additional 3 Twist N Clips and Black Faceted Crystal Tattle Tail (just pay additional p&h)

Leather Miracle Tear Repair

Leather Miracle Tear Repair lets you repair tears on leather and vinyl just like a professional.  So don’t throw it away when you can repair it like new.

Simple repair jobs can cost hundreds of dollars but Leather Miracle Tear Repair can dozens of repairs for just a tiny fraction of the cost.

You can use Leather Miracle to permanently repair holes, rips, and tears in leather and vinyl.  It will work on jackets, belts, boots, purses, couches, other furniture and more.

Just match the color and apply the Tear Repair formula. Then affix a finishing swatch and let it dry. Remove the swatch and your repair item is as good as new.

Free bonus Miracle Carpet & Upholstery Repair (just pay additional s&p)

Trendy Top

The Trendy Top is an ultimate layering accessory that gives you a layered look without adding any bulk. It is a top that’s not since it covers just your hip.

Put on the Trendy Top and it’ll your cover the waist, belly and the rear view, making it perfect for jeans, low rise shorts, skirts and more. You can bend, reach or sit down and not worry about your panties  showing.

Plus it holds you belly in too to stop that muffin top and give you a chic, lean, and sexy look. The Trendy Top is super comfortable and it stays in place when you move, even when doing cartwheels.

Includes Black and White Trendy Top

Free Beige and Gray Trendy Top (just pay additional p&h)

Plus free set of 16 Style Snaps – the world’s first snap and hem solution

Hot Booties

Get long lasting and soothing heat relief for your feet with the Hot Booties slippers. They aren’t just ordinary slippers but rather microwavable slippers that gives you up to 1 hour of moist, warm comfort after microwaving.

Hot Booties are great for aching, freezing or tired feet. You just place your pair of Hot Booties slippers in the included Bootie Bag and microwave them for around 60 seconds.

The secret is in soles which contain natural linseeds. They naturally store the heat from your microwave to provide you with relaxation and comfort while you lounge around the house.

Hot Booties will also help improve your body’s circulation by naturally massaging your feet when you walk around. Plus the lavender aromatherapy will soothe your feet and keep them smelling fresh.

Available in Pink for Women and Blue For Men

Buy 1 Pair Get 1 Pair Free (just pay additional p&h)

Forever Lazy

Stay toasty warm from head to toe with the Forever Lazy, the full body lazy wear. It is an adult footed pajama, one piece sleepwear, and onesies PJs.

The Forever Lazy keeps your whole body warm but leaves your hands and feet free. You can easily walk around, chat on the phone, watch TV, play video games, use the computer, or play the guitar while remaining warm and cozy.

Forever Lazy is made with a soft and comfortable, 100% anti-pill polar fleece. There’s a draw string hoodie that keeps your head warm, comfortable and lazy. Plus there’ even zippered hatches located in the front and back for when nature calls.

Choose from Pink, Grey or Royal Blue. Each color is available in Extra Small/Small, Medium, and Larger/Extra Large. Plus each Forever Lazy includes a pair of matching Footsies socks.

Buy 1 Get 1 Free Offer

Bare Lifts

Bare Lifts is the invisible solution for increasing your bust line. It is a pain-free adhesive that helps lift your breasts and gives you a naturally perky look in almost any outfit.

You can lift sagging breasts without any surgery or buying expensive bras. The patented, clear skin friendly adhesive lifts your breasts from the top and not from the bottom. It works with cup sizes from A to D and goes great with any outfit.

Bare Lifts are also completely waterproof. You can wear them under a bathing suit. Each set can be worn for up to 24 hours.

They are so comfortable to use, you can wear with or without bra.  When worn with a bra they will reduce pulling and slipping from straps and also reduces back bulge.

Buy 1 Get 1 Free Offer

Aluma Wallet

Discover the last wallet you’ll ever need to buy with Aluma Wallet. You can use it to replace any old overstuffed wallet or money clips that can’t hold on to your money well enough.

The Aluma Wallet is an aluminum wallet that is slim, trendy, super light, indestructible, and water resistant. It will hold all your items safely and securely inside.

The accordion design with seven slots gives you quick and easy access to all your cash, credit cards, ID, and photos. The compact size makes it great for both men and women. You easily fit it into any pocket, purse or handbag.

Plus the Aluma Wallet will also protect your credit cards from RFID scanners used by thieves to steal credit card information.

Available in Black, Blue, Red and Silver

Buy 1 Get 1 Free Offer + Free Surprise Gift

Ez Combs

The Ez Combs is a stretchable double comb which let you create dozens of different hair styles instantly. It works with all hair types and you can create styles for any occasion.

Simply slide in one end of the Ez Comb to your, stretch it over, and then slide it in on the other side. It is made with a soft, comfortable, and durable material that won’t hurt your head like ordinary claw clips when you lean back against it.

Ez Combs will securely hold your hair in place and is great whether it is for the office, formal occasions, or while exercising. It will hold firmly in place while you running.

Includes Caramel Bronze EZ Comb and Dazzling Silver EZ Comb

Free bonus Classic Bermuda Black EZ Comb, Instructional DVD, and Easy to Follow Style Guide (just pay additional s&h)