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InVinceable is the powerful cleaning solution from Vince that does it all. It can clean your entire home, get rid of the toughest stains, and even use it to laundry booster.

You can replace your general cleaners, kitchen and tile cleaners, fabric cleaners, carpet cleaner, and stain removers with just InVinceable. It can clean even the toughest messes.

Just place a supercharged InVinceable tablet in the spray bottle and add water for a powerful super cleaning solution. With 20 tablets that’s 20 bottles of InVinceable which can save you hundreds of dollars a year.

While powerful and effective, InVinceable does not contain any no chemical bleaches. So you can get rid of pet stains and other stains without causing any discoloring.

Includes: 20 InVinceable & Spray Bottle

Buy 1 Get 1 Free Offer (just pay additional p&h)

Shark Rotator Lift-Away

The Shark Rotator Lift-Away is the latest version of the Shark Lift-Away upright vacuum cleaners. It delivers one the greatest vacuum breakthroughs in the last 20 years.

You’ll get No Loss of Suction vacuuming for powerful cleaning, enhanced swivel steering for easy maneuvering, and a ultra lightweight design. The Shark Rotator also easy converts to portable lift away vacuum that’s perfect for cleaning the stairs, upholstery. or inside your car.

With the further enhanced suction power of the Shark Rotator it cleans deeper in your carpets to suck up all the dirt, dust, and hair stuck inside. It also more versatile than before letting you clean under furniture and appliances, high areas, and other hard to reach places.

Plus not only does the Shark Rotator clean your floors, it will also clean the air you breathe and reduce allergens at the same time. Over 99% of the dust and allergens vacuumed in will stay locked in and won’t escape back into the air.

Includes: Shark Rotator Lift-Away, Premium Turbo Brush, 11″ Crevice Tool, and Dusting Brush

Free Bonus Steam Mop

Hurricane 360 Spin Mop

The Hurricane 360 Spin Mop is the amazing microfiber mop that can clean, dry and polish all in one easy step. Plus it features a patented bucket with centrifugal dryer technology that helps cut your cleaning time in half.

With other mops you have to manually clean and rinse it yourself. But with the Hurricane 360 Spin Mop you can just dip it inside the washer side filled with water and the microfiber fingers will expand, releasing the dirt and dust.

Next place the mop inside the dryer basket and then push down the foot pump. The centrifugal force will spin the mop over 1,000 RPMs to dry the mop for you. You’ll never have to touch a dirty mop again.

The special mop head can clean and pick up almost all kinds of messes off the floor, including hair, dust and dirt. It can absorb up to 10 times it’s weight and is also machine washable over 300 times.

The Hurricane 360 Spin Mop can clean almost any type of flooring and it won’t leave any streaks or smears. The mop handle can lie flat so you can clean underneath the refrigerator, couch, or other furniture.

2 payments of $19.99

Stream Clean

Stream Clean with Code Yellow is the easy to use and effective stain and odor eliminator. There’s absolutely no bending and no scrubbing required.

With Stream Clean you can just blast away stains, pet urine out of carpet and other odors. Simply point it on an area of the carpet, floor, or furniture you want cleaned and then just press down to release the stream.

The enzyme formula will clean deep to eliminate the stains and odors whether they are new or old. It removes all traces of the mess and smell to help prevent  your pet from remarking the area again.

In addition to pet stains, Stream Clean also works great on other types of stains too. This includes red wine stains, juice stains, other drinks stains, food stains, grease, dirt and grass stains, and more.

Stream Clean is safe to use around your pets and humans since the formula is completely non-toxic. Plus unlike other cleaners, Stream Clean does not leave any sticky residue behind.

Buy 1 Get 1 Free Offer (just pay additional p&h)

Free bonus Mini Blacklight

UV Ultra Vac

The UV Ultra Vac is one of the most efficient and convenient ways to get rid of bed bugs and bacteria inside your home. It can eliminate bed bugs, dust mites, eggs, and bacteria which are living and breeding inside your beds, sofas, pillows, carpets, rugs and other parts of your home.

I features an innovative design which  combines a UV light into a bed and furniture cleaner. The special UV rays generated had been proven to kill dust bacteria, dust mites, bed bugs and reduce infestations by over than 90%. At the same time the powerful vacuum will suck in all the dead mites, bed bugs and their eggs and waste.

In addition, the UV Ultra Vac also has a built-in HEPA filter which will remove 99.9% of allergens that are trapped in the air. So now you can  so you can rest easy and sleep soundly and wake up with any headaches and congestion.

The UV Ultra VAc is extremely compact and light weight, making it easy to move around and clean with. There’s a telescopic handle that allows it to extend and clean your carpets and rugs. You can easily clean your entire home of dust mites and bed bugs.

30-day trial offer followed by 3 monthly payments of $33.33

Little Blue Elephant

The Little Blue Elephant can transform any toilet into a self cleaning toilet. Now you won’t ever have to scrub your toilet again or use cleaning tablets that can harm your toilet system.

All you have to do is hook the Little Blue Elephant, durable small plastic container, inside the tank of your toilet. It can be installed in just seconds without any tools.

Now every time you flush the powerful cleaning chemistry will go into the bowl as the water refills to keeps your toilet clean and fresh. It will disinfect your toilet and constantly keep it clean with every flush.

The Little Blue Elephant is 100% safe for all types of plumbing, toilets, and septic systems. So you won’t ever have to scrub your toilet with a disgusting toilet brush again. All you have to do is  refill The Little Blue Elephant with a Cleaning Packet around every 3 months.

Includes The Little Blue Elephant & Cleaning Packet

Buy 1 Get 1 Free  Offer (just pay additional p&h)

Shark Steam Pocket Mop

The Shark Professional Steam Pocket Mop lets you clean any floor and any mess anytime. The 3 levels of Intelligent Steam Control lets you clean almost any type of surface.

You can use it to steam dust, mop or dust. Use to Steam Pocket Mop to steam dust your hardwoods and laminates, make quick touch ups for everyday cleaning, or scrub away dried-on, sticky messes.

It delivers professional results with it’s maximum cleaning power. Plus you can clean without chemicals; all you need is water. The Shark Steam Pocket Mop will convert the water into steam to clean your floors and kill over 99.9% of  disease causing germs and bacteria.

The microfiber cleaning clothes contains pockets which are double sided for maximum cleaning. These pockets are designed to grab onto dust, grime and sticky messes, even those that are deep down in grout lines.

Includes Shark Professional Steam Pocket Mop, 12″ Rectangular Head, Triangular Head, 2 Microfiber Pads, Carpet Glider & Direct Steam Nozzle

Free bonus Portable Steamer (just pay s&h)

4 payments of $39.95

Shark Navigator Lift-Away

The Shark Navigator Lift-Away is one  the most versatile, portable, powerful and affordable upright vacuum ever. It has a superior cleaning power with an ultra lightweight and easy to steer design.

Unique to the Shark Navigator is the No Lose Of Suction technology. The air inside the vacuum spins at high speeds in order to keep the dirt and dust it suck up away from the filters and into the dust cup.

This means over time, the filters in vacuum stays clear and cleaner longer. As a result the suction and airflow remains strong and it won’t loss suction power like with many other ordinary vacuum cleaners.

The Shark Navigator is not only portable but very easy to maneuver, even in  tough tight spaces, around the stairs, tough tight spaces,  or for above the floor cleaning. You can easily vacuum upright or in canister mode with the lightweight detachable canister.

Plus with the Shark Navigator Lift-Away you won’t have to replacement vacuum bags ever again. It features a unique bagless technology and all the dust is collected in a large capacity, bottom-empty dust cup. A larger dust cup means you can vacuum longer without having to empty it.

Includes Shark Navigator Lift Away, Turbo Brush, 24″ Crevice Tool,  Accessory Bag, On-Board Crevice Tool, and Dusting Brush

Free bonus Shark Steam Mop valued at $99

4 monthly payments of $49.95

Sticky Buddy

The Sticky Buddy is the reusable sticky picker upper with built-in fingers. You just pick it up, rinse it off, and reuse it again. It works great on carpets, clothing, furniture and much more.

With the Sticky Buddy you can save money and not have to purchase paper rollers anymore. The adhesive surface is strong enough to pick up any mess, including hair, crumbs, dust and lint.

Just rinse it over the facet and all the dust and hair washes right off. Then just dry it off and the Sticky Buddy becomes sticky to use over and over again.

Plus the Sticky Buddy features rubber fingers that you can use to brush pet hair or root out ground in dirt or hairs that are tangled in your carpet. They dig deep to remove particles that are stuck in couches, clothes, upholstery or anywhere else.

Includes the Sticky Buddy & Compact Sticky Buddy

Buy 1 Get 1 Free Offer (just pay additional s&h)


The Schticky is the new reusable lint roller from Vince Offer, the same man that brought you the ShamWow and Slap Chop.

You can clean your whole home quickly with the Schticky. You can clean dust, dirt, food particles from different surfaces around your home without using a vacuum or broom.

It easily get rids of lint and pet hair on your clothes. The Schticky works on all types of fabrics from wool to velvet. It also works great on picking up pet hair from clothes or the sofa.

Or use it on your pet before they shed all over your home. The Schticky is also great for cleaning cobwebs, the curtains, inside the car, or other hard to reach places

Schticky is made with a special silicone that is sticky when dry becomes slippery when. So you can just rinse away the dirt and hair, dry it off, and reuse over again. You can save  money and never have to buy another disposable lint rollers again.

Includes Schticky & Little Schticky

Free bonus Big Schticky (just pay additional p&h)

Lint Lizard

The Lint Lizard is a vacuum attachment that lets you easily clear away dangerous clogs of that build up in your dryer. It is a flexible, 44″ long wand that lets you reach deep into your dryer’s vent system to clear up any packed lint and fibers.

You just attach the Lint Lizard to the hose of any household vacuum cleaner. It is quick, easy to use and there’s no mess because all the lint is sucked up directly into your vacuum.

The Lint Lizard is able to clean deep into your vent system, grabbing all the packed-in lint that has built up over time and is choking your dryer. By clearing up all the lint that gets past your lint screen, you can maxi­mize your dryer’s efficiency to speed up drying time and save energy.

Buy 1 Get 1 Free Offer  (just pay additional s&h) +  get a free Dust Lizard