Cast Your Vote With Freedom Of Choice Chia

Freedom Of Choice ChiaSo have you ever wondered how some of the 2012 presidential candidates would look like if they grew a giant green afro? Well then perhaps the Freedom Of Choice Chia is the product for you.

It is a new limited edition Chia serious that features 4 different 2012 candidates with Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, Ron Paul and President Barack Obama. Well the President Obama Chia isn’t exactly new since a version of Chia Obama was released when he was elected president back in 2008.

This does beg the question is there anything they haven’t made a Chia of now? But some people must be buying them since new ones continue to be released.

Each Freedom Of Choice Chia sells for $19.99 plus shipping. It includes enough Chia seeds for 3 plantings each. With regular watering they grow a full head of hair in about 3 weeks.

And on the topic of presidential candidates, former Arkansas governor and 2008 candidate Mike Huckabee has cofounded an educational animated cartoon series called Learn Our History.

Each episode features a group of time traveling that go back in time and relive an important in US history. A fair amount of historical facts are packed into each show.

The reason for these cartoons is because Mr. Huckabee feels that our current education system isn’t teaching kids what they should know about the history of the US and also isn’t doing so in a way that inspires pride in our country.

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