Callous Clear

Callous Clear is a home spa treatment system that helps remove calluses. With just a single treatment your feet will be feel softer and moisturized.

This professional quality foot treatment will soften and lift callouses so they peel away to reveal baby soft skin. You can spa perfect feet from your own home.

Using Callous Clear is a lot more affordable than professional spa treatments but it is just as effective.  It is quick and easy to do and works in just minutes.

First simply apply the Softening Gel to the Removal Patch. Then stick the patch on so it covers the calloused areas of your feet. After the treatment just peel it off and use the Finishing Scraper/File.

Includes: Tube of Softener Gel, Tube of Foot Balm, 4 Self-Sticking Callous Removal Patches, and Finishing Scraper/File

Buy 1 Get 1 Free Offer Available (just pay additional p&h)

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