Blankid Buddy

The BlanKid Buddy is a 4-in-1 blanket, backpack, pillow, and plush animal. It is a space-saver for parents and kids love because of how soft, cuddly and adorable the are.

Plush Blanket

Provides a 30” long by 15” wide blanket for a generous amount of coverage – more than sufficient for most kid that between ages 3 to 8

Comfortable Pillow

Created using the arms of the Blankid Buddy animal and wrapping around your child’s neck. Provides head support and prevent a child’s head from falling to the side.

The animal arms also attach under the head allowing the blanket to be used as a soft floor pillow and comfortable nap mat when it is flipped over.

Complete Backpack

The backpack has extra outer pocket that provides for quick and easy access to smaller items along with an additional water-resistant bag. The separate bag can attach to the inside of the backpack and can also be removed when converting the Blankid  Buddy into a blanket and travel pillow.

Choose from Makemba the Monkey, Pailou the Panda and Lula the Ladybug

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