Bendaroos are the amazing flexible building sticks that are fun and safe for you childs to use. You can shape ’em, wrap ’em and stick ’em anyway you like. There’s no glue, no stains and no mess

The magical wax over super-strong string makes Bendaroos do most anything. Use Bendaroos to draw on flat surfaces. then lift your creation and watch the Bendaroos stay together.

Or bend the sticks and build your very own 3-D creations. Bendaroos will keep their shape and you unbend them to use them over and over again.

Hang your Bendaroo creations on the wall or use them to decorate items around the house. You can make your own games, jewelry or hairbands.

Includes: 250 Rainbow Colored Bendaroos, 250 Neon Colored Bendaroos, Bendaroos Fun Guide, 10 Traceable Templates

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