Ab Rocket Twister

The Ab Rocket Twister let you rock or twist your way to toner, tighter, leaner abs and obliques, all without applying any harmful pressure or strain to your neck, back  or spine.

If you can rock in a chair, then you can use the Ab Rocket Twister to get better and more toned abs. All you have to do is sit back in the contoured, rolling backrest and then rock back and forth to target upper and lower abs.

Release the twister pin to twist side to side to target the obliques and blast away those unwanted love handles.  There’s 3 levels of resistance that you can adjust, making the Ab Rocket Twister perfect for people of all fitness levels.

The secret behind the Ab Rocket Twister is its exercise efficiency technology. It starts by offering resistance on the way down and on the way back up to give you double the impact to deliver results faster.

Includes Ab Rocket Twister, 3 levels of resistance, Blast Away The Calories meal plan, Rockin’ Fat Blasting DVDs and 5 in 1 Cardio DVD.

30-day trial offer followed by 3 payments of $49.95

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