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New Flex Seal In White Available – Flex Seal Brite

The original Flex Seal is one the more popular As Seen On TV products this past year. It is a liquid rubber sealant in a can which makes repairing leaks and fixing cracks easy.

You just had to spray it on, wait for it to dry, and it will form a water tight seal which can stop leaking pipes, gutters, roofs, and more. It is extremely convenient and easy to use.

Plus once it is dried you can even paint over it. The only real complaint though was the dark black color. On dark surfaces this wasn’t a problem but on light colored surfaces, it was hard to blend the color and required a lot of coats of paint.

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Cast Your Vote With Freedom Of Choice Chia

Freedom Of Choice ChiaSo have you ever wondered how some of the 2012 presidential candidates would look like if they grew a giant green afro? Well then perhaps the Freedom Of Choice Chia is the product for you.

It is a new limited edition Chia serious that features 4 different 2012 candidates with Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, Ron Paul and President Barack Obama. Well the President Obama Chia isn’t exactly new since a version of Chia Obama was released when he was elected president back in 2008.

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P90X Is Back With P90X2

P90X2Practically everyone has heard of the P90X workout, having produced tremendous for countless people around the world. This includes regular people, celebrities and even members of Congress.

Will now the second edition to P90X is here with P90X2. It was developed from over 2 years of  research from a team of top fitness experts and claims to be even more cutting edge then the first.

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