2013 Buffalo Tribute Proof

The 2013 Buffalo Tribute Proof  commemorates the $50 Gold Buffalo Coin, the purest gold coin ever minted in America. It was the very first coin that was struck using using .9999 pure 24 kt gold.

The design was based on the famous Buffalo nickel that was minted between 1913 to 1938. The $50 Buffalo Gold Coin Tribute Proof is a replica created by the National Collector’s Mint’s that is clad in 14 mg of pure gold.

This private, non-monetary minting recreates James Earle Fraser’s famous American Buffalo design and the iconic Native American Indian Head.

Each piece includes an individually numbered Certificate of Authenticity to verify that each proof is clad in 14 mgs. of pure 24 kt gold.

Limit of 5 proofs per order

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