Murad Resurgence

Murad Resurgence can help you look up 7 years younger. It is the skin care solution used and endorsed by TV personality Joan Lunden.

Resurgence is a targeted solution for medium to deep wrinkles, sagging  and thinning skin, and dryness. The regime uses the power of the Resurrection Plant formulated by Dr. Howard Murad.

Dr. Murad has refined the recipe time and time again over a period of four decades for the most effective results. Combined with antioxidants, hydrators, anti-inflammatories it delivers a highly effective solution for aging skin.

With Murad Resurgence you can look younger, feel healthier, and be happier.

Includes: Murad Resurgence Introductory Kit

Free Bonus: Free Gifts Valued at $100

Yoshi Grill and Bake

Grill foods evenly without leaving any mess by using the Yoshi Grill and Bake Mats. It gives you perfect grill marks and the delicious taste while leaving your grill squeaky clean.

The Yoshi Grill Mats are reversible, reusable, and completely non-stick. Any kind of food just slides right off. Even burnt cheese won’t stock onto them.

Use the Yoshi Grill Mat to grill great tasting steaks, burgers, hot dogs, shrimp, fish, vegetables and so much more. Use the Yoshi Bake Mat to bake cakes, cookies, or pizzas without leaving a mess in the oven.

Cleanup is a snap too since the mats are dishwasher safe. Or you can just rinse them off using soap and water and they are ready to use again.

Includes: 2 Yoshi Grill Mats & 1 Yoshi Bake Mat

Free Bonus: Grip N’ Flip Spatula

HD Vision Visor

The HD Vision Visor helps block out glare and reflections while you drive during the day and night with it’s unique 2-in-1 design. You will be able to see the road clearly in high definition.

It features two specially designed lenses in one. During the day it reduces the blinding glare from the sun. At night it brightens vision and cuts harsh headlight glare.

The lenses enhances color, clarity and contrast so you can see everything on the road clearly. The HD Vision Visor is easy to install and clips onto any sun visor in just seconds.

Now you don’t have to lose half your view during the day when you pull down the sun visor. Plus at night you can still see clearly, allowing you to drive safer.

Free bonus: HD Vision Sunglasses


Now you can fix car dents and dings yourself with Pops-A-Dent, an easy to use do it yourself repair kit. It contains the same tools used by professionals at body shops.

You can quickly and easily fix dents of all sizes whether they are small, medium, or large. It also works great on all types of dents whether they are from shopping cart dings or hail damage.

By using Pops-A-Dent you can save hundreds of dollars compared to expensive auto body repair shops. The included tools makes it is easy to pop dents away yourself.

Includes: Repair Bridge, 3 Pulling Discs, Professional Adhesive Gun, Knockdown Tool, and Instructions

Free Bonus: One Wipe Intense Restorer (just pay additional p&h)

Derm Exclusive

Derm Exclusive can help provide you with professional anti-aging results right at home. You can look younger in as little as just 10 minutes.

You can have younger looking skin without painful injections or surgery, without spending thousands of dollars, and without the hassle of waiting at the doctor’s office.

The four essentials products in Derm Exclusive can provide you with progressively smoother, more radiant skin and younger looking skin. They contain a special formula developed by Dr. Ordon from the TV show The Doctors.

It is called Fill & Freeze, a powerful combination of 4 Micro-Smoothing Peptides. Together they help relax your skin and gently smooth away the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles when applied.

Includes: Fill & Freeze Wrinkle, Micro Peel Resurfacing Pads, Intensive Repair Serum, and Collagen Lift

Free Bonus: 2nd Fill & Freeze Pen

Sensa Advanced

Sensa Advanced is a weight loss system that lets you continue eating the foods you love while still helping you lose weight at the same time. Plus it is as easy to use as salt and pepper.

The new dual action formula will helps you lose weight without feeling deprived or having to adhere to strict diets. Also a key nutrient inside Sensa helps support your body’s ability to metabolize carbohydrates and fats.

All you have to do is simply sprinkle Sensa onto your food before eating. You will feel full more quickly with less food and have reduced hunger cravings. As a result you will end up eating smaller portions, helping you loss weight.

The Sensa sprinkles themselves are odorless and tasteless. There are no drugs and no stimulants inside. Sensa works by triggering your sense of smell so your brains tells your body it is full faster.

Includes: Sensa Advanced 2 Month Starter Kit

30-day trial offer

Bullseye Pee Pads

The Bullseye Pee Pads are the no mess pee pads which ensures your dog pees right in the center. You won’t have to worry about them going on the edges like ordinary pee pads and leaving a mess for you to clean up.

This is because the Bullseye Pee Pads have concentrated pheromones in the center. When your dog smells it, it attracts them to target area and ensures they do their business there.

The pee pads are made with a special absorbent quilted material that is filled with odor eliminating micro lock beads. These beads absorbs liquid, locks in odors, and even releases a pleasant scent.

Includes: Set of 30 Bullseye Pee Pads

Buy 1 Set Get 1 Set Free (just pay additional p&h)

Free Bonus: Pee Terminator Pet Stain Remover

Pocket Hose Ultra

The revolutionary and number one selling expandable hose, the Pocket Hose, has now been improved. Introducing the new Pocket Hose Ultra.

It is small enough to fit in your hands when not in use but turn on the water and watch it automatically expand into a full sized hose. Shut the water off and it will automatically shrink back to it’s compact size.

The Pocket Hose Ultra is even better than the original. It features a new ultra strong amber tip connector that is 3x stronger and can withstand 300 lbs. of force. This provides a water tight seal every time.

Plus now it is also even more durable. Combined with a heavy duty double layer hose construction is the Solar Stripe Shield which protects the hose against damaging UV rays from the sun.

Like the original Pocket Hose, the Ultra still never twists, kinks, or tangles up. It is also still extremely lightweight and can easily be carried and moved around with little effort.

Available In: 25 feet, 50 feet, 75 feet, and 100 feet expanded lengths

Better Strainer

The Better Strainer is a tiny compact strainer which can expand to fit any pot, pan, skillet, or bowl of various sizes. Simply place it on strain. It’s that easy.

The Flex Fit design allows the Better Strainer to securely lock onto any pot or pan. It stays on tight and secure even when straining heavier foods like potatoes.

Better Strain works great whether you are straining pastas, veggies, fruits, or grounded meat. The entire surface is non-stick and also dishwasher safe.

When not in use you can easily store the Better Strainer anywhere you like. It is smaller than an oven mitt and just a fraction of the size of bulky colanders.

Free Bonus: Universal Spill Stopper (just pay additional p&h)


Discover a simple, easy to use, and highly effective 2 minute solution for back pain relief with the BackBridge by Dr. Sinnet. It will stop the pain effectively so you can start living your life today.

BackBridge is a breakthrough solution that does not involve any pills, giant expensive contraptions, or no back braces. All you have to do is just lie back on the BackBridge for 2 minutes, twice daily. It’s that simple.

The BackBridge features a patented design which corrects core imbalance in the entire spine from the top to bottom. It was created to not just treat the symptoms of back pain but the actual cause

Since all you have to do is lie back on it, the entire process is extremely easy and completely non-invasive. Plus the BackBridge is made with a soft high-density foam that is comfortable.

Includes: Backbridge, Convenient Strap, and Quick Start Guide

Free Bonuses:  Ultimate Back Pain Relief Formula Supplements & Info DVD

2 payments of $39.95


InVinceable is the powerful cleaning solution from Vince that does it all. It can clean your entire home, get rid of the toughest stains, and even use it to laundry booster.

You can replace your general cleaners, kitchen and tile cleaners, fabric cleaners, carpet cleaner, and stain removers with just InVinceable. It can clean even the toughest messes.

Just place a supercharged InVinceable tablet in the spray bottle and add water for a powerful super cleaning solution. With 20 tablets that’s 20 bottles of InVinceable which can save you hundreds of dollars a year.

While powerful and effective, InVinceable does not contain any no chemical bleaches. So you can get rid of pet stains and other stains without causing any discoloring.

Includes: 20 InVinceable & Spray Bottle

Buy 1 Get 1 Free Offer (just pay additional p&h)

Heat Surge Mini Glo

The Heat Surge Mini Glo brings you all the beauty and benefits of the Heat Surge fireplace but as just one-tenth the size. It one of the most compact and portable electric fireplaces.

This tiny but extremely effective electric heater can heat any room from floor to ceiling. Plus it only uses a trickle of electricity but can produce up to an amazing 3,685 BTU’s.

Not only does the Heat Surge Mini Glo works great but it looks great too. It showpiece in any room with its sleek design, real wood mantle, and simulated fireplace that has no real flames.

The Fireless Flame technology gives the ambience of a fire place but is actually safe to the touch. There’s also no flames, fumes, smells, ashes, or other inconveniences of an actual fireplace.

Measures 9.4″ High, 13.25″ Wide, and 6.5″ Deep

Free Shipping & Handling

Hang A Bunch

Hang A Bunch is an amazing 6-in-1 hanger that will help you reclaim and dramatically increase your closet space. You can quickly transform your closet from cluttered and stuffed to organized.

The ingenious design combines 6 hangers into 1 allowing you hang multiple items on just a single hanger. So now you can hang up to 6 times more clothing in your closet.

The Hang A Bunch hangers features stay-put hooks which form an “Easy Find” configuration so you can quickly see the piece of clothing you need.

These hooks locks all your items securely in place. Each hanger can holds up to 12 lbs without bending or breaking.

Double Offer: Buy 5 Hangers and get an additional 5 Hangers

Free Bonus: 2 Scarf Hangers & 2 Dryer Balls (just pay additional p&h)

The Kruncher

The Kruncher gives you great ab workouts that produces real results for real people. You’ll burn calories and build leans muscles in as little as 5 minutes a day, 4 days a week.

Get a total complete body workout that targets your upper abs, lower abs, even hip flexors and lower back. You could exercise from a comfortable position on your chair or couch.

The Kruncher features patented hinge technology that gives variable resistance so it is ideal whether you are a beginner or a trained athlete. Plus it works great for both men and women.

It comes fully assembled already and is made from extra durable high impact cold-rolled steel. Plus the Kruncher folds flat for easy storage and includes nylon carrying bag so you can take it with you.

Includes: Kruncher, Nyon Carrying Bag, User Guide & Core Exercises, Workout DVD, Meal Guide, and Fitness Book

2 payments of $29.95

GoGo Pillow

The GoGo Pillow is the pillow especially designed for tablets and built for comfort. It is multifunction and can also be transformed into a travel pillow and a backpack too.

Unlike other products, the GoGo Pillow does not require a flat surface. You can comfortably use your tablet it on an exercise bike, in the kitchen, on your lap, or even in bed. The pillow molds so it is stable wherever it is placed.

The straps lets you fix it to places such as the back of a headrest for a more comfortable viewing. Unzip and flip it the GoGo Pillow  and it turns  into a backpack to take your tablet with you when on the go.

When not using your tablet you can also fold up the  luxurious GoGo Pillow to transform it into a travel pillow. It provides support and comfort for your neck or back during long trips.

Available In: Blue, Grey, Pink, Burgundy, Black & Animal Print

Buy 1 Get 1 Free Offer (just pay additional p&h)

Chop Magic

Cutting, cubing, slicing, and dicing has never been easier thanks to the Chop Magic Chopper. It is lighting fast and gets the job done in just one pass.

So why waste time cutting and slicing manually, which can take forever. The Chop Magic gets the job done quickly and is extreme simple to use.

Just select your blade, add your ingredients, and push down. You can chop, cub, mince, slice and dice fruits, vegetables, cheeses, meats, and more with ease.

Everything is caught inside the catch container so there’s no mess and your kitchen stays clean. Plus the Chop Magic is dishwasher safe and also compact to store.

Includes: Chop Magic with 2 Blades (Mincing and Dicing)

Buy 1 Get 1 Free Offer (just pay additional p&h)

Free Bonuses: 2 Perfect Tortilla Pans, 2 Recipe Guides, and Mystery Gift